We're Local and Unmetered

Unlike DSL, satellite and fixed wireless from the big providers, all of our plans have no data capacity limits. Request your site survey now!

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Bluegrass Broadband is a fully operational Internet service established and based in the Trapp community. We saw a need for a faster and more reliable Internet provider so we formed one on January 5th, 2019. We went live on September 12th 2019 and have installed service for several customers already.

The service is NOT satellite, NOT DSL, and not from any national provider. We are 100% local.

Questions?? Email us: info@bluegrassbb.com or call: (859) 429-2899

You'll love our service. Let us show it in action and you'll see why.

Internet Service Pricing

  • Basic - $60
  • Streamer - $75
  • Streamer Plus - $95 (Requires qualification...)


  • Internet Access and installation.
  • Farm networking (barns, workshops, etc.)